Take Toilet Paper

Ailie Tabor
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Just a fun parody of 'Take On me'. I hope you enjoy and laugh at my voice cracks throughout the video XD.


Kenzy Masterson
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This is just a little skit about how you can handle the coronavirus! Felicia the fixed mindset represents all the negative thoughts about the coronavirus and all the bad, Gwen the growth mindset represents the positive thinking and all the good that you can bring out of the coronavirus and then the rest of the characters are just to make the story funny.


Parker Patterson

This is my Writers Workshop project. I had fun making it. The software I used was Premiere Pro.

If the video doesn't work try the link.

All characters played by Parker Patterson.

Writers Workshop

Brynn Bachura

Coronavirus Disagreement Statement

Coronavirus has limited human beings and stopped our natural way of living. Since the end of December, Coronavirus has caused panic and comotion throughout many countries, states, cities, and towns. There are many ways to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading quickly. We may not be able to stop coronavirus completely from spreading, but we can help it slow down. One way is social distancing and not being in huge crowds of people. We have put that in place, but that means there are no more sports, daycare, schools, parks, beaches, restaurants, and we have even postponed the olympics to 2021. Many kids, college / highschool students, and adults, play sports. Most competitors didn't even get the chance to start their first game, or competition because of the quarantine. Some countries have quaretined their states or cities for months, and we don’t even know how long the Coronavirus will last. Last week, there were no new cases in China which means that it is slowing down. The city could always drop the quarantine, but I feel, showing the public that a crisis will last for a long time, scares humans.

Now moving onto buildings that are closed, daycares are very important for parents because when you have a younger child that is not old enough or cannot stay home by themselves, a daycare can help take care of your loved one so you can help provide for the family. Since the quarantine, daycares have closed which means parents have to stay home. That could result in not making enough income and could lead up to financial problems. Education,  school, it may not seem fun to most kids, but it is a very critical part of life. A lot of kids need a structure like a public school to help them better learn and understand. Online school gives kids more freedom, which is not a bad thing but could result in not doing work. Learning how to read, and write, and solve problems are always going to be needed in your life outside of school. It will be very difficult to live an easier life if you can’t read the price tag. Now restaurants have closed, limiting options for a fun night out. That also can limit creativity, and you might be asking how? When you go to a restaurant, and you get your food, I hope I'm not the only one, but I look at my food and say, “Wow, this looks amazing!”. I get to take that delicious meal, and make it at home now. Seeing the possibilities of what you can create with food, is a very fun experiment and it is always entertaining to see the final products.

I believe the news plays a big part in the Coronavirus. It is good to have an update  on the Coronavirus often, but the news creates panic. A lot of people are stressed about it and overthinking, that causes them to buy excessive amounts of food and essential needs for the human body. One thing that is sold out is toilet paper. 

Everybody is buying and prices are going up because we do not have enough products for all the customers. If people keep buying at this rate, it will be hard to find much of anything at a store. Toilet paper is sold out at every store, even online ones. It can be hard to believe everyone when they are saying all different things. Which one do you trust is right? That’s the same situation for the news. Some may be saying the same thing, just in slightly different wording. Others may be saying something completely different. It is hard to know which one may be more accurate. These are my thoughts on the Coronavirus. Thanks for reading! 

My WW video hope you enjoy

Emelyn Greenman
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Emry Kinkaid

Hi, if you're reading this you are probably scared of the coronavirus pandemic, believe me, I am too. In the beginning I thought it was just a sickness that would pass quickly, but it wasn't, almost everything is closed down, schools, restaurants, travel. Wanna know what's crazy? People are fighting over toilet paper! Like, how crazy is that?! Just remember that this pandemic is just a tough part of life that is in God's plan for the world, remember that  this IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!  Also know that the media a lot of times over exaggerates things and makes them seem worse than they are. To focus on the bright side of this, many people in the U.S that have gotten the coronavirus have healed very well and quickly, and mostly old people or people with weaker immune systems are more likely to get it, and chances of kids getting this are really low so that is good.  One more thing to leave you off with is that we will make it through this and come out stronger on the other side. Thank you for reading/listening    


Joscelyn Thompson
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letter to the ceo of germ x

Max Baysinger

The store.... -By Paige Umbehr and Cole Umbehr

Paige Umbehr
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