Project Brief

Resha Parajuli

Blessing In disguise

Ailie Tabor
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To Make Matters Worse

Parker Patterson
IMovie TMMW.mp4

This is my finished afternoon project. The idiom I chose to use was to make matters worse. The software I chose to use was Premiere Pro. This video is taking bad things and making them worse.

If the video doesn't work try the link.

The Coronavirus (Reality T.V)

Paige Umbehr
The Coronavirus (Reality T.V.).mp4

I hope you enjoy!

To Make Matters Worse

Brynn Bachura

Design Studio Q & A

What was the idiom that inspired your work?

My idiom was "To Make Matters Worse" My animation was a bit short though because I only had three days to work on it and I did the best I could in the time I had. 

What did you learn about the medium/software that you used?

I used Adobe Animate and it looks like it didn't take long, but animating ad doing frame by frame moments is a very tedious task.

How did you work through challenges?

I had many questions about the software because I am used to asking one of our guides for tips but they were not there to help me so I had to ask someone (Joscelyn) who was using the same software as me. (She was very helpful and encouraging to me) I also had to go with the first idea I had because I had limited time to work and Ihad to get to work as soon as. I could.

coronavirus video

Emry Kinkaid
Coronavirus video -

No End

Cole Umbehr
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No End is the name of the game..... the game i would of had if I finished. I sadly never was able to finish my game, but I also have never done coding in my life and never used unity in fact I spent my first week just trying to download unity, but even though i didn't finish i still learned a lot and also worked very hard, but i just couldn't finish my game, but i was very very dedicated to trying to finis i even stayed up to 1am just so i could try to catch up. I only had a week to finish something that i would usually finish in a whole sessions time. I learned about what i would have done if i did finish and what i would of coded, then i also learned about X, y, and Z and what they all mean. So I learned a lot and worked very hard but i just couldn't finish coding. But the pic above is what i got done before the coding.

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I'm so sorry for exposing you to this movie. The idiom that inspired my project was "to make matters worse". I used iMovie to make my project. In this video I do a comedic review of Titanic: The Legend Goes On. I had some challenges getting clips from the movie but I kept trying and I eventually got it.


Frank Ritchie
Game Trailer.mp4
  • What was the idiom that inspired your work?
  • What did you learn about the medium/software that you used?
  • Write a short description (like an artist’s statement) of your project.
  • How did you work through challenges?

The idiom that inspired my work was "To make matters worse." I learned in Unity that coding is easier than it looks, but has a lot of challenges. My game is about this cube wandering around when he gets himself in trouble with a evil cube god, but in the end he outwits the god. I worked through the challenges with calming music and rethinking my steps. Here is the trailer and the link to my game. Please watch the simple tutorial for more information. Hope you enjoy my game! 


A Blessing In Disguise video

Emelyn Greenman
A blessing in disgise -